Loyal Customers

The world can be a big scary place. Who thought spending more time at home with Netflix would be so stressful?  As we all grapple with life in flux, I feel wellness is more important than ever. Bespoke Wellness is doing everything possible to be there for you and is dedicated to your well-being with even greater purpose.

Our goal is to provide the safest possible wellness studio experience during this time of worry.  Our services are naturally isolated “one to one” experiences which lowers the chance of exposure. In addition, we have implemented the following measures to reduce risk for our customers and practitioners.

  • Limited “face-up” time during massage sessions.  All sessions will be performed with clients face down to limit face to face exposure time with practitioners.
  • Removal of some comfort items – fleece covers, table warmers and foam pads that can not be washed between each client.
  • Removal of cloth cushions from chairs – anything that can not be wiped down regularly.
  • Additional disinfectant in our laundry cycles.
  • Room disinfecting after each and every client session.
  • Eucalyptus air diffusers – natural antiviral properties.
  • Daily communication with staff prior to shifts about health and activities.
  • No-Touch toe hook door opener on high usage door
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the office. (Monday 3/16)

Coming soon…we will have a non-contact thermal gun on hand to check providers and clients temperatures before each session. This will help us further prevent any potential exposure.


IMPORTANT: Cancellation Policy Update (effective through April 6th)

Effective immediately, we are lowering our cancellation policy from 24hrs down to 3hrs. We do not want anyone to feel financially obligated to make an appointment if they start to feel sick the day before. 

PLEASE help us in our efforts and DO NOT come to the office if you have any signs of illness.  We will do the same.


Thank you so much for being part of the Bespoke experience.  In good times, and in challenging times, we’re with you. We wish you and your loved ones good health in the months to come.

We will continue to keep you informed as we push forward.

In health,

The Bespoke Wellness Team